solar facade of Nabo Gass

The German Artist Nabo Gass received the Architectual Award by the Stiftung Deutsche Pfandbriefbank together with the Architect Norbert Wortmann for an energy-positive warehouse made of glass.
Apart from ecological clean and recyclable building materials the company Ernsting’s Family relies on solar energy. Through the use of integrated solar modules installed on the facade, the warehouse can produce enough energy to supply itself.

Nabo Gass designed a High‐bay warehouse with, a 10, 000 m2 glass facade. A 2nd laminate exterior of photovoltaic and crash glass pushes partially over the, glass body, shading it and creating an optimized environment for the floating, gardens on the roof. The solar membrane of the outer skin forms an aesthetically, appealing, optical scanning. The angle of the sun guarantees a 30% increase in, energy efficiency compared to previous solar facades.