Solar facade of Nabo

“Architecture has to be for the people”, states Kurt Ernsting and this understanding is clearly displayed at the company headquarter in Coesfeld-Lette.


Moreover, Nabo Gass’ design serves the functionality as well as the artistic demands of the Ernsting Family. Due to the transparent and clear facade design that covers more than 10,000 sqm, the high-rack warehouse harmonizes perfectly with the architectural ensemble on the company campus.
„My Aim was to create architecture which is both sensible and sensual“ says Nabo Gass.

ernstings family nacht 1000


The spectacle of watching the inside automated working is possible by the buildings glass facade. „This becomes a wonderfull show at night, when the operation equipment is lit up and drives back and forth like colourful lines“.
As evidence for the special ecological, economical and technical efforts, the company is striving to be certifified by the Society for Sustainable Architecture (Gesellschaft für nachhaltiges Bauen, DGNB).

Through the years the campus has grown through architectural competitions. The company campus unites the styles of renowned architects such as Santiago Calatrava, Fabio Reinhart, Bruno Reichling and Johannes Schilling, who designed the headquarters’ buildings.
In 2000 and 2001, the British star architect David Chipperfield designed the new service center which is surrounded by the work of the Belgian landscape architect Peter Wirtz.

facade design: Nabo

Architect: Norbert Wortmann

Project leader: Thomas Hoffmann


"The effect is just as amazing as it is future oriented. With his competition contribution, nabo gaß introduced his new method for the design of large format glass facades. This technique could play an important role in future particularly in conjunction with photovoltaik installations."

Magazin „Glas + Rahmen“ 11/ 00