In addition to autonomous works, he designs pictures for doors, windows, walls  and ceilings. The designs convey a harmonious relationship to its placement and create a strong tie between its environment and the people within it.

Together with clients, the Uferatelier develops individual solutions for the design of living spaces.

Especially the front door, the entrance of the house, is an exposed place to tell something about the house and its inhabitants.
Be it an illustration of the family name, such as the designed glass door "Stork's Nest" or the two door wings, which symbolically include the theme of "encounter".
The window pictures often have a relation to the environment in front of the house. The image "Sakura" includes the real tree in front of the kitchen window and complements it with glass branches and cherry blossoms. The balcony cladding "on the shore" shows almost photorealistic the flowing river under the house. The balcony railing becomes a quay wall, with a girl whose eyes follow the stream. Very personal also the designed glass door "lunar eclipse". Here, a couple remembers the shared experience of this natural event, at the same time, in two different, distant places.